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If you have already signed up and been certified by your local unit as a delegate to the Convention but did not pay the $35 voluntary fee to become a VIP,  it's not too late, you can sign up here today! 

*Please note: You cannot sign up to be a delegate using this form.  This is only for people who have been certified as a delegate through their local Republican committee.  To find out more information about becoming a delegate, click here. 
Delegates who pay the fee not only get to help the Party, they get to benefit in a number of different ways. One benefit in particular is that this year, we are doing unit seating based on payment of the delegate fees.  If 100% of a unit pays the fees, it will get better seating in the Coliseum than a unit which pays only 20% or 30% of its fees!    
VIP Delegates qualify for:
•             Preferential unit seating in the Coliseum
•             Special Recognition at Convention
•             VIP Name Tag showing your support for the Republican Party
•             2013 Convention Commemorative Gift Bag
•             VIP Express Check-In Line
•             Opportunity to win a weekend get-away at the Homestead as part of
               the 30th Annual RPV Donald W. Huffman Advance as well as other
               special gifts and prizes
•             Advance email notice of special events and updates


Delegate Information / Comments

Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for individuals whose aggregate contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. 


Please leave a comment here. If you are registering multiple people for an event please list additional attendee names here.

The information you provide will NOT be shared with any third party organizations.

Thank you for getting involved in our campaign!